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Our services are purchased by corporations and organizations around the country.



"Medical Micro Solutions, Inc. was a lifesaver for my organization. I purchased e-MDs software in May of 2003 and used a local networking company to set up the software, hardware and Windows network. I struggled with multiple problems for over seven months until it was suggested by eMDs that I call Medical Micro Solutions, Inc.  In one day Medical Micro Solutions, Inc. identified my network problems and had my system up and running like it was supposed to work. They have always been available whenever I have needed them for software support. They are honest, hardworking and are absolutely determined to do the best job possible. Medical Micro Solutions, Inc. are true professionals and experts on the e-MDs system. I would recommend them without reservation to set up your initial e-MDs network and to troubleshoot problems involving the network."

Rick Hempel, M.D. / Family Medicine Clinic / Danville, Kentucky​​

"I am very pleased to write this letter of reference on the capacity of Medical Micro Solutions, Inc. Medical Micro Solutions, Inc. provide their services of overseeing all of our medical E.H.R. technology, networking, updates, and technology equipment.  Overall, I believe Medical Micro Solutions, Inc. to be a highly skilled professional experts and have been a key factor in the growth of our business.  In December of 2014, Medical Micro Solutions, Inc. helped our clinic after we had been taken advantage of by a local IT company who claimed they could manage our software and technology needs.  We found ourselves spending large amounts of money, had a medical software program that had not been updated and was barely running causing a very long list of problems.  Medical Micro Solutions, Inc. graciously came to our rescue and showed a great deal of skill and knowledge and had everything our clinic needed to operate fixed and running as it should.  During the almost three years that Medical Micro Solutions, Inc. has worked with our clinic we have always been impressed by their outstanding diligence and expertise.  We have been more than satisfied with everything their staff have provided for our clinic.  Medical Micro Solutions, Inc. has always shown high intelligence, been very easy to work with, start each project with enthusiasm and produce superior quality work.  A true example of what every business wants in a business associate; accountable, responsible, and has integrity.  In closing,  I very highly recommend Medical Micro Solutions, Inc. a company that will do their very best with whomever they work with."

Martha DeGrado / Family Physicians of Iola / Iola, Kansas

​"Harris Golf has worked with Medical Micro Solutions, Inc. for over 10 years. The computer world changes rapidly from year to year, but Medical Micro Solutions, Inc. manages to always be informed about the latest developments and technologies. They are always a phone call or a remote connection away, and they have never hesitated to be on-site as soon as they possibly can be when an “on the ground presence” is required. Medical Micro Solutions, Inc. has helped us with everything from simple recommendations on equipment to full, multi-location, corporate network setups. They have protected us from malware and spyware attacks and been there for us whenever we needed — long after regular business hours if that was what worked best for us on a particular job.  They are a trusted, knowledgeable, and easy-to-talk-to IT partner, seamlessly integrating with our staff even as he has worked in his capacity as an outside contractor.  One of their greatest strengths is their ability to communicate complex technical information in language that “the rest of us” can understand. Medical Micro Solutions, Inc. is without a doubt considered to be “essential personnel."

Matt Barnard / Harris Golf / Wells, Orono, Topsham, Freeport, Brunswick, Wilton, Falmouth, Maine

"When our clinic was transitioning to the electronic medical records, the sales representative from eMDs, gave us Medical Micro Solutions, Inc. as an IT company to work with.  I was hesitant since we were in Louisiana and Medical Micro Solutions, Inc. was located in Maine.  After multiple conversations, their knowledge in the set-up and system amazed me and I hired Medical Micro Solutions, Inc. right there and then.  At that point, I knew nothing about electronic medical records and Medical Micro Solutions, Inc. made the transition flawless and easier than I could have ever imagined.  Hiring Medical Micro Solutions, Inc. back in 2007, was one of the best decisions I ever made in the 17 years of my medical office administration.  Medical Micro Solutions, Inc. have always been professional and have maintained the training in the electronic health records field.  Medical Micro Solutions, Inc. are well aware of the latest needs for any and all technical issues that are prevalent in running a well oiled practice.  Their knowledge has always allowed our clinic to operate in the most efficient way possible.  I know of many other clinics that have chosen to go the cheaper route for their IT support and by far this is the best money that we have ever spent."

Shay Ball / Practice Administrator / Cane River Surgery Center / Natchitoches, LA

"As an extremely busy Internal Medicine practice, we needed a knowledgeable IT provider to make sure that our hardware would operate smoothly so we could focus on our patients, not our computer systems.  Medical Micro Solutions, Inc. was instrumental in the set-up and continued support of our E.H.R.  They offer a wide range of skill sets and I would recommend Medical Micro Solutions, Inc. to anyone in need of professional IT services."

Catherine Beaullieu / Practice Administrator / Lafayette Internal Medicine / Lafayette, LA

"We started using electronic medical records in 2007, but from 2007 to 2014 we experienced many problems with our network.  It just seemed as if it couldn’t be fixed.  But, then, in 2014, we turned for help to Medical Micro Solutions, Inc.  With their help all our problems just disappeared.  Our operations now run smooth, upgrades are timely, and their team of IT professionals are ready to help if we do run into any problems.  We really can’t thank Medical Micro Solutions, Inc. enough!"

Chris J. Gajda / Practice Administrator / Hilltop Pediatrics / Sherman, TX

"I have used e-MDs software for Charts, Scheduling and Billing for 10 years. The system and the company have been great.  Recently, I replaced my hardware and had the pleasure of working with Medical Micro Solutions, Inc..  Medical Micro Solutions, Inc. made the purchase, instillation, and data transfer very easy.  Doctors now have access to an excellent software program, hardware, and support.  This combination is the answer to a physician's computer needs."

Gregg Davis, M.D. / Davis Family Medicine / Princeton, Illinois

"Our office has used Medical Micro Solutions, Inc. since 2009 and we could not be more satisfied with the service we have received. We are a clinic in a rural town in Arkansas and are unable to have IT support in-house.  Medical Micro Solution, Inc. staff is always available to me and are not only patient, but are willing to take the time to teach me how to do things myself."

Brandi Smith / Practice Manager - Mountain View Clinic / Mena, Arkansas

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